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Needle Roller Bearing Is Indestructible

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:45:29    
Needle roller bearing is widely used in metallurgy industry, food machinery, textile machinery, printing machinery and many other equipment. Most of the domestic roller bearings are made of high carbon chromium bearing steel. The kind of material has many advantages, but also has many shortcomings, such as corrosion resistant and easy to rust. In order to make the needle bearing indestructible we use the stainless steel in the production process. Specific customer cases have proved the roller bearing made of stainless steel is indestructible, the corrosion resistance is greatly improved. A food machinery company which is mainly engaged in processing and export of food machinery and food machinery parts and also provide technical support for the production of some world famous enterprise. At the same time this company has office in the major province and cities across the country, established a strong supply and marketing relationship with the customers.The requirements of the needle roller bearing they needed are as follows: Dimensions: 14*20*12mm Model: HK1412 Quantity: 200pcs Texture: Stainless steel, food grade grease Uses: used on the food machinery need to against corrosion and rust Still need to do a matching stainless steel liner with size:10*14*12mm According to the requirements of the customer, the customer needs needle roller bearing in stainless steel material. Because of the texture and the processing craft, we encounter many problems in the midway. First the customer only needs 2000 sets of bearings, and we stuck in the ring material supplier. Ring supplier can only provide large quantity of material, the minimum order quantity is 5000 sets. After several times of communications with the supplier, they finally agree to produce the rings for us.For this bearing we make the needle roller and liner in 440 stainless steel material, make the outer ring and cage in 304 stainless steel material. Product drawings are as follows: Real photo as shown in fig: Then I know the customer has found nearly every bearing manufacturer of east china before they found us. The manufacturers or reply to our customer that they can't produce bearings in stainless steel material, or require the minimum ordered quantity must over 10000pcs. Then our customer learn that we can produce bearings in stainless steel from the internet, so they find us and let us have a try. But they don't know we have already invested and developed the HK,HF,RNA series bearings in stainless steel. The customer exclaimed: if we can find you earlier, we won't have to go so many detours.