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No Longer Worry About Mo tor Bearingsin the Industrial Field Frequently Hurt

Release time : 2017-10-31 06:45:06
At present the market on all walks of life, there will be a lot of things are inseparable from the industrial field of production, the most inseparable is the inverter, almost all of which will use the frequency conversion technology and frequency converter, not just Is the industrial field, our daily life of the inverter is also indispensable, we can see the use of a wide range of frequency converter. But the frequency conversion technology on the motor bearing damage and damage is great. Now China's motor system engineering more and more, almost all with variable frequency drive to control the application of the motor. Although the low cost of the inverter motor performance is high, but if the shaft current driven directly by the variable frequency will flow through the bearing to the earth, then it will cause a phenomenon that the current will cause corrosion of the motor bearing, resulting in some concave concave Groove, this will allow the motor to run when there is noise and vibration abnormalities, and finally lead to bearing failure, damage to the motor. So in the industrial field how to avoid this variable frequency motor bearing damage situation? Insulation bearings can be used to block the discharge circuit, shaft current can not flow through the bearing to the motor shell and ground, so that can be a good protection of bearings. The establishment of an effective electric side sometimes better than the bearing insulation effect is better. This method is to provide a motor shaft to the shell between the low resistance loop, such a program cost is relatively low, you can drive the motor and AC motor to provide the greatest degree of protection, cost will be higher. Installation of conductive ring, bearing conductive ring by adding a circle of conductive fibers in the metal ring, the motor shaft and the motor shell ground to establish a low impedance, high reliability of the discharge bypass, can effectively guide the shaft current, thus protecting the motor Bearings are not hurt.