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More Than 50 Types Of Zwz Bearings Were Seized

Release time : 2015-06-15 08:00:25
Recently, the Industrial & Commercial Department in Jinan successively seized four trademark infringement cases of selling counterfeit Skateboard Bearings and detained 336 sets of counterfeit bearings. On Nov. 3rd, the Industrial & Commercial Bureau Huaiyin Branch received the report from ZWZ Ceramic Bearings Group that there are four companies and individual shop selling the counterfeit ZWZ bearings. Huaiyin Branch immediately checked and inspected the reported companies and seized 336 sets of counterfeit ZWZ bearings, related to more than 50 types. After the authentication of counterfeit cracking staff from ZWZ Bearing Group, all the seized Needle roller Bearings were confirmed as counterfeit products.