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Miniature Bearings Around Us

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:00:38
Miniature bearings are a kind of very important bearings. Generally speaking, bearings with the bore diameter between 1 and 10mm are called miniature bearings. Although the miniature bearings are quite small, they are applied in much wilder fields. The followings are the applications of miniature bearings around us. 1. Miniature bearings are used in home appliances.Miniature bearings are applied in many home appliances, typically vacuum cleaners and air containers which we are very familiar with. The miniature bearings are used in motors of these home appliances. The characteristic of vacuum cleaners is that the rotation speed of motors can spin up to 40,000~50,000RPM. What's more, the motors with the rotation speed of 100,000RPM have been applied in vacuum cleaners that are sold in larger quantities in the market. Besides, air containers are available in indoors for a long time, so they have high low noise demands. In addition, energizing between inner ring and outer ring can result electro erosion. Considering the above things, we could choose ceramic balls. 2. Miniature bearings are used in medical equipment.As for the medical devices, miniature bearings are used in many fields, mainly chiefly in blood pump used for dialysis, drug injection pump and air pump of breathing machines and so on. These machines are used besides patients, so low noise pressing is necessary. One typical case is dental drill. The rotation speed of drills is 400,000~500,000RPW. Doctors can't bear the high noise. Certainly, there are lots of other home appliances using miniature bearings. With the progress of science and technology, miniature bearings will play a more important role.