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Deep Groove Ball Bearings Activein the Medical Field, Anes thesia Machine Needs the Help ofit

Release time : 2017-11-17 01:55:35
In the medical field, the continuous improvement of medical equipment is a measure of the level of medical development, but also an important symbol of medical modernization. Medical equipment is already an important area of medical care, the development of medical equipment depends largely on the accuracy of its parts and the degree of development of the equipment breakthrough bottleneck also plays an important role. Anesthesia machine is also a representative example of medical equipment, modern anesthesia machine is towards intelligence, and integrated system direction, the coordination of various components and structural rationality should be clear and reliable, simple and convenient operation. Electrical control systems, integrated breathing circuits and other work have been integrated into the importance of the entire medical system. So the deep groove ball bearings in the anesthesia machine also appears to be very important, after all, the purpose of medical care for people's health, parts if the problem on the deviation, it will lead to life-threatening. For such a situation, tour company made a profound test and technical updates on the deep groove ball bearings. Anesthesia machine is the most commonly used 6800d deep groove ball bearings, because deep groove ball bearings with a small friction coefficient, high speed, The structure is simple so there will not be a lot of failure, and the bearings easy to achieve high manufacturing accuracy, anesthesia machine parts for the accuracy requirements are not generally high, so deep groove ball bearings also meet this requirement. In terms of durability, deep groove ball bearings are also more than other types of bearings, anesthesia machine with such bearings, do not have to regularly maintenance and maintenance. Medical equipment, if too frequent maintenance will be the safety of the instrument itself will have a hidden dangers, durability is also an important factor in the evaluation of bearings, so 6800d deep groove ball bearings is the best choice for anesthesia machine.