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Hollow Cup Mo tor Quietand Durable Core, Miniature Bearings Playan Indispensable Role

Release time : 2017-09-06 06:49:09
Nowadays, industrial development is getting faster and faster, industrial technology is also constantly changing with each passing day, a variety of mechanical and electrical equipment strict technical requirements of the requirements of the motor is also getting higher and higher, and the use of hollow cup motor range is More and more broad, from the limitations of many high-end products, and some of the civilian products are some low-end products are also slowly began to use, it is said that the developed countries in the application rate has been as high as 100 kinds of products. In the hollow cup motor is the core component of the micro-bearing part, we generally refer to the micro-bearing diameter is within the range of 10 mm within the micro-deep groove ball bearings, in terms of speed, the maximum speed of such bearings Can reach 450000 rpm so high, so the speed in the hollow cup motor is very necessary. Hollow cup motors are also used in many areas, medical devices, robots, etc. This is a very high area of their own requirements, then the relative to the hollow cup motor micro-bearing requirements will increase. Because the hollow cup motor on the noise requirements are relatively high, so its core micro-bearing noise is very low, micro-bearings for a variety of low-noise high-precision oil-bearing, micro-bearing oil can be formed in the metal surface After the total special protective film, can reduce the MSI bearings in the running noise. This has a low starting torque and running low friction torque characteristics, this state will be able to micro-bearings can be light and smooth operation, reduce energy consumption index. But also has a corrosion and rust-proof function, in high and low temperature conditions can also run smoothly.