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Miniature Bearingsin the Military Aspects of the Full Use

Release time : 2017-06-19 03:03:15
According to the records of engineering masterpieces, the origin of rolling bearing can be traced back to 650 AD, the establishment of major bearing factories, mostly between 1890-1920. At the same time, mechanical parts will be applied to the bearing manufacturing industry, and cited the precision measurement of precision machining to the production of bearings. In order to the bearing shape and accuracy achieve the standardization. Micro-bearing is a sophisticated mechanical original, but also military, civilian and so on production and scientific research are inseparable from the highly versatile basic pieces; its effect on the quality and performance for assembly host is well known. So all the machines will use the precision parts--micro bearings, and micro bearings will also affect the machine¡¯s overall quality, performance and life, miniature bearing problems often become a key issue of machine performance. Heavy-duty machine tools to achieve strong cutting, the speed of the train to achieve the fastest, we must have high temperature bearings to maintain. With the advancement of science and technology, various industries have put forward new requirements and new theories for the quality of bearings. We take the military with the micro-bearing for example; very high precision automatic navigation system using micro-bearings, to be corresponding to the reliability of 90%, such as the framework of sensitive bearings, international advanced level to reach the product Torque 0.015n.mm. Dedicated miniature bearings are mechanical parts and maintenance parts, such bearings in aerospace, military vehicles, etc with a very high range of applications. So the the quality of this miniature bearings directly affect the performance and the life of the host.