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Miniature Bearings 20170321

Release time : 2017-03-21 03:19:05
Computer lettering machine is a very popular machine in advertising industry, a wide range of equipment, the application is also very wide, and computer lettering machine bearing is the core parts of the cutting plotter, a good bearing, not only can increase the life of cutting plotter, but also increase the beauty of works which produced by the cutting plotters. Cutting plotter as a common device in life, the miniature bearing models that are used are varied, such as: 682ZZ; 682XZZ; 693,693ZZ and so on. But a lot of users, including manufacturers will encounter a situation that is not easy to operate the cutting plotter, there are jump points, can not stay in the original position. Then the emergence of such problems are mostly bearing problems, roundness is not enough, raceway defective, precision is not enough and so on. Shanghai Lily Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd., has more than 10 years of bearing manufacturing experience, especially in the laser cutting plotter, computer marking machine and other areas of the production process more skilled, the quality will be guaranteed. Professional computer lettering machine bearing manufacturing process, not only in the advertising decoration industry can shine, more to add a perfect one in our lives.