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Miniature Bearing Different Roles 2

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:32:10    
Miniature bearing have small size, so in daily inspection and delivery process, we often ignore them. However, if you pay more attention to them, the consequence is very serious. One day I deliver goods in warehouse. There are many goods to be delivered, so everyone is very busy. When I get my goods, I pack the goods in a hurry and decide to leave. After a few steps out of the warehouse, another salesman calls me back. She tells me that she finds about 3 pieces small bearing in her bearing package, she want to confirm whether the bearing is mine. I unpack my parcel to confirm. Apart from these 3 bearings, I find I am still lack of 1 piece bearing. After searching for a few minutes, I can't find the last one. At this time, a sales assistant remind me to check another two boxes, which had been packed. When I check the first one, I don't find. Then I check another one, the bearing is here. The bearing seems to say: ''if you are more careless, I'll go abroad.'' The incident teaches me that we should be very careful when we do one thing. Fortunately I find it timely. Otherwise, the bearing will be sent other customer, who doesn't need it. If the bearing is sent to right customer, it will be valuable; if not, it will be worthless.