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Mini Full Ceramic Bearings Have Arrived Pic

Release time : 2015-06-15 08:04:20
The Boca Bearing Company continues to innovate and push the envelope in full ceramic bearing technology with the new extended line of LBT Mini Full Ceramic bearings. With sizes ranging from as small as 3 millimeters in addition to flanged sizes, the LBT Mini Full Ceramic bearings are suitable for use in many specialty applications. Ceramic is the perfect material for any application seeking to achieve higher RPM's, reduce overall weight or for extremely harsh environments where high temperatures and corrosive substances are present. Ceramic silicon nitride balls for example, exhibit much greater hardness than steel balls resulting in at least 10 times greater ball life due to the ability to hold the surface finish longer. The ball has dramatically smoother surface properties than the best steel ball resulting in less friction between the balls and bearing race surfaces. Thermal properties are also dramatically improved over steel balls resulting in less heat build up at high speeds. Ceramic has 35 percent less thermal expansion, 50 percent less thermal conductivity, are lighter weight and are non-corrosive. Similarly, the inner and outer races of anti-friction bearings often become frosted, fluted, or can get a corrugated pattern imprinted on them. These are not mechanical scars but are due to electromagnetic forces and can lead to bearing failure. They are usually found in modern systems that routinely feature pulse-modulated adjustable-speed motors and inverters with high switching frequencies and short rise times. The best solution substitutes ceramic bearings for the more traditional, chrome steel counterparts to eliminate scarring and also run cooler due to less micro-weld adhesion. < http://www.bearing.com.cn/direc/myimg/081007.ac.jpg Suitable applications include cryo-pumps, medical devices, semiconductors, machine tools, turbine flow meters, food processing equipment, robotics and optics. The Boca Bearing Company stocks a full range of ceramic balls, ceramic hybrid bearings and full ceramic bearings. With over 2500 different bearing sizes and well over two million bearings in stock, The Boca Bearing Company offers the largest stock of replacement bearings for all industrial, medical and specialty applications. Boca Bearings has consistently led the industry in bringing advanced ceramic technologies to market.