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Inthe Use of Micro-moto rBearings to Pay Attention to the Useof Details

Release time : 2017-05-22 07:45:02
With the progress and development of society, mechanization in the production and life have been very widely used, and micro-motor bearings is also an indispensable inside the mechanical parts, its use of the width is also more and more, because in the Mechanical areas, as long as there are aspects of rotation both need bearings. Because a wide range of types of bearings range, so the use of the widest range of the bearing type to do some analysis, to let people to have a certain understanding of the bearing. Bearing the way of assembly: because the bearing is a high-precision products, during assembly operation, the violation is so easy to damage the bearing channel, a direct result of bearing damage. Bearing in the assembly should have a dedicated mold, can not just beat, press the shaft when only a small circle of force. When assembled with air pressure or hydraulic way, in the press when the time to be in a horizontal state, if there is a deviation, then the bearing will be installed bad. Assembly of foreign body to prevent: the bearing hit the rotor to do when the balance is very easy to balance the production of iron into the bearing inside, so it is best to do when the load bearing balance. There are some manufacturers in order to facilitate the assembly, the assembly of the inner ring in the bearing coated with some oil or grease to play the role of lubrication. The bearing room is best not to paint oil or grease, if must be coated , it is necessary to control the accumulation in the room. There are many factors that affect the bearing life, assembly, use, manufacturing will be closely related, it must be in every link to do the best, in order to make the bearing in the best condition, so that the bearing can have a long life.