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Smart Phone Market Demandis Huge, the Choice of Micro- bearingis Very Important

Release time : 2017-08-22 02:29:05
Technology development of these years makes the phone is no longer a simple communication tool, and now the mobile phone products can be described as all the daily necessities of life as one of the "personal assistant." With the smart phone more and more popular, the quality of mobile phones is no doubt that we are most concerned about one of the problems, good quality will have a good market, and micro-bearings as one of the most critical parts of smart phones, Choice is also crucial. In general, the quality of micro-bearings determine the quality of the phone and life, so the micro-bearing material for its accuracy, performance and life is essential, the phone miniature bearing ring material we will generally use a special anti-corrosion Stainless steel, the ball material selection of small thermal expansion coefficient of silicon nitride ceramic ball, cage material selection of compression, impact and high temperature resistance of polyimide. Of course, strict micro-bearing processing technology is the key to the success of bearing products, which requires micro-bearing structure according to the characteristics of technical requirements and the use of the environment continue to optimize the bearing ring processing technology to determine a reasonable amount of technology, dust structure and Key characteristic parameters. Each of the tiny bearing processing steps, all determine the quality of micro-bearing if is reliable. As a smart phone dedicated miniature bearings supporting manufacturers, both from the early bearing material or to the bearing of the production process, strong always uphold the customer first quality first concept, the perfect match customer needs. With the continuous development of science and technology, smart phone products are also updated year by year, the force will continue to follow the pace of science and technology, and constantly optimize the bearing products, strive for more mobile phone manufacturers to provide solutions.