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Metrologists Of Zap Jsc Make Use Of New Equipment

Release time : 2015-06-15 08:22:21
Aviation Bearings Plant JSC (a member of European Bearing Corporation) has purchased for its interdepartmental laboratory a Taylor Hobson device designed for measuring out-of-roundness and obliquity of rings and rollers. The device will improve the quality inspection of component parts manufactured by ZAP. While the new equipment is similar to the upgraded Talyrond-73 used by the interdepartmental laboratory, it is more sophisticated, says ZAPs Chief Metrologist, Tatiana Gorbunova. The new device has a wider range of application C it is designed not only for measuring the waviness and faceting of rollers and rings but also for checking the obliquity of openings of the inner ring in relation to the bearings butt end and the obliquity of the outside surface of the rings in relation to the butt end of bearings of tolerance grade 2 and 4. Using this device will enable us to enhance the competitive edge of bearings manufactured by ZAPexplained the metrologist.