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The Dangers of Wrong In stallation Method of the Bearing

Release time : 2017-04-27 03:13:23
The wrong installation method of bearings is used in the bearing often encountered problems, but also often have difficulties and trouble. Many customers use the Shanghai strong bearing company's bearings, due to improper installation in the installation process lead to bearing damage, that is bearing quality problems, resulting in disputes, after understanding, many customers are installed a problem, so only master The scientific and correct installation method, in order to make the normal use of bearings and can extend the bearing life. The following are five kinds of incorrect installation of the bearing. 1) axis and micro-bearing hole with too loose will lead to the inner ring sliding. (This is also known as taking the inner ring.) During the process of heating will lead to bearing heat, especially the inner ring and shoulder friction and heat generated cracks, and then cause death. * Take the inner ring * will make the bearing inner ring in the use of fracture, caused by high temperature so that the surface metal melting and adhesion, the consequences are more serious. The following is a trace of the sliding between the shaft and the bore surface. 2) shell aperture and bearing diameter with too loose, resulting in sliding friction between the surface, (this is called the outer ring) Friction due to its heat, the shell aperture and bearing diameter between the surface of the slide, sliding because of scratches, resulting in bearing failure, resulting in equipment can not function properly. Inner ring face and shoulder friction heat generated cracks 3) with a hammer directly hit the bearing to install the inner ring (or outer ring) interference with the bearing, to prohibit the use of hammer directly hit the bearing inner ring (or outer ring) end, it is easy to knock the ribs. Should be used on the inner ring (or outer ring) on the end, with a hammer hit the sleeve to install. 4) heating temperature temperature will lead to improper bearing black Some users use acetylene gun to heat the bearing bore, when the heating temperature exceeds 727 ¡æ (bearing steel phase transition temperature), the bearing steel internal microstructure will change. When the bearing cooling, the bearing bore can not be restored to the original size, usually larger than the size before heating, thus affecting the bearing life. 5) the installation is not in place so that the bearing single-sided force, the installation of bearings, be sure to install to a predetermined location, a slight deviation will lead to a larger bearing centrifugal rate, which has an impact on the entire operation of the device.