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Meeting On Precision Machinery Cooperation And Exchange Between Mainland And Taiwan

Release time : 2015-06-15 08:30:59
From 30th November to 9th December, 2009, Wang Quanqing, Secretary General of CBIA, traveling with China Machinery Industry Delegation to Taiwan, participated in the Meeting on Precision Machinery Cooperation and Exchange between Mainland and Taiwanand visited some corporations. The delegation is composed of 103 representatives from China Machinery Industry Federation (CMIF), machine tool sector, textile machinery sector and machinery research institutions among other corporate and public organizations. The delegation was headed by Chairman Wang Ruixiang. The meeting, co-hosted by Taiwan Association of Machinery Industry (TAMI) and Industrial Technology Institute, was held from 1st-2nd December in Taipei International Conference Center. Officials from Taiwan financial department and an audience of over 500 professionals from machinery sectors in China mainland and Taiwan were present. In the meeting, Chairman of CMIF, Wang Ruixiang and Director-General of TAMI, Xu Xiucang delivered keynote speeches. Other speech makers share their opinions on themes like Development Trend of Precision Machinery Industry across the Strait How to Strength the R&D Coorperationand Mutually Exploiting the Business Opportunities in Global Emerging Precision Machinery IndustryOur Secretary-General Wang Quanqing also delivered a speech in the meeting. He proposed four aspects of cooperation and exchange for bearing enterprises across the Strait. 1. Complement Each Others Advantages to Embrace International Market Hand in Hand. Bearing enterprises across the Strait can join together to establish strategic cooperation based on product complementation, to better compete in the international market. Take the bearing market in wind power for instance, the enterprises across the Strait can have a complementary cooperation in the fields of yaw bearing, pitch bearing and generator bearing, to provide a complete set a bearing products and services for manufacturers of wind power generators. 2. More Specialized Cooperation to Extend Industrial Chain. Xinchang Region in Zhejiang Province, China, headed by its leading enterprise Zhejiang Continents Xinchun Group, has set up a production center for forging bearing ring with high quality and advanced techniques. Many enterprises in this region have become suppliers for transnational bearing corporations. The bearing industry in Taiwan may seize this opportunity to extend its industrial chain to these areas for win-win cooperation. 3. Complementary Advantages for Mutual Development. Leading companies in Taiwan machine tool industry, in the conjunction of technological update, may establish cooperation with Mainland bearing enterprises. What worth mentioning is that many mainland companies like Wuxi Kaiyuan Machine Tool Group Co.,ltd, Shanghai RABBIT CNC Machine Tools Co.,Ltd, Xinxiang Sunrise NC Bearing equipment Co., Ltd., now have the capacity to produce world-class NC grinding and super finish machines. They have already provided thousands of automatic production lines of bearing grinding-super finish processing for clients home and abroad. Enterprises in Taiwan may procure needed equipment and production lines from these world-class providers in Mainland. 4. Establishing a Platform for Cooperation and Exchange. CBIA holds an international bearing and equipment exhibition in Shanghai every two years, the largest of its kind in the world. In September, 2010, the 12th China International Exhibition of Bearing and Equipment will be co-held with International Bearing SummitWe welcome bearing-related enterprises from Taiwan to participate the events in 2010, to make full use of this platform for trade and technological exchange. In this meeting, documents of cooperation intention were signed between CMIF and TAMI, China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology and Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute as well as Beijing No.1 Machinery Tool Plant & Kaijieli Group and Taiwan Fair Friend Group. As the largest and most influential of its kind in recent years, this cross-Strait cooperative activity attracts much attention from Taiwan machinery industry. Many Taiwan newspapers like Business Times and Economic Daily News, and Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV have reported the event. Officials from Taiwan legislature also came to the venue in person. This exchange activity plays an important role in promoting cooperation between the machinery sectors across the Strait. After the meeting, the delegation visited another 8 companies and institutions, including Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan and Yintai Corporation.