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Mechanical Seal Rings Or Seal Faces Manufactured From Metcar Materials

Release time : 2015-06-15 08:31:24
Self-lubricating, self-polishing, corrosion resistant, dimensionally stable, mechanically strong and impervious Metallized Carbon Corporation, a global leader in the manufacture of oil-free, self-lubricating, carbon-graphite materials, offers Metcar mechanical seal primary rings and seal faces manufactured to specifications using highly engineered carbon-graphite materials. Metallized Carbon Corporation is recognized for its superior Metcar materials for mechanical seal rings and seal faces that are needed in demanding, high speed and high load applications. Metcar mechanical seal rings are ideal for sealing liquids such as water, hot water, acids, alkalis, fuels, oils, heat transfer fluids, liquefied gases, solvents and beverages. They are also ideal for sealing gases such as air, hot air, steam, inert gases and dry nitrogen. Antimony impregnated grades manufactured by Metcar are favored for running in volatile hydrocarbons where ordinary resin impregnated carbon-graphite grades would blister. Metcar antimony impregnated grades are offer high modulus of elasticity and excellent self-lubricating properties, ideal for non-contacting, "lift off" seals. Nickel chrome impregnated grades are favored for extremely high pressure, liquid lubricated, "lift off" seals because of their high modulus of elasticity and their high tensile strength. Metcar grades with special film control additives are used to reduce the wear rate of seal rings running in humid air, dry nitrogen and vacuum. Mechanical seal primary seal rings from Metcar are manufactured to customer supplied drawings. Dimensional tolerances as close as 0.0005" can be held and seal rings can be lapped and polished to one Helium light band flatness. Finish machined mechanical seal rings or seal faces are tested to assure they are impervious to at least 100 psi gas pressure. Application Engineers are readily available to advise customers on which Metcar Grade will perform best in their application. Expedited delivery is also available. About Metallized Carbon Corporation Since its inception in 1945, Metallized Carbon Corporation has been manufacturing high-quality, dependable bearing solutions for severe service environments. With over 60 years of Application Engineering experience, Metallized Carbon offers the field expertise and data necessary to provide The Solid Choice for Lubrication? in a wide variety of industries, supplying completely machined components as well as materials for customer machining. Metallized Carbon is ISO certified and produces the Metcar brand of solid, oil-free, self-lubricating materials. For additional information about the company and its services, please visit us online at http://www.metcar.com www.metcar.com or call (914) 941-3738.