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Mcgill Manufacturing Co Cuts 35 In Valparaiso

Release time : 2015-06-15 08:31:47
Emerson Power Transmission / McGill Manufacturing Co. (USA, a division of Emerson Electric) has laid off 35 workers from its Valparaiso bearing manufacturing plant in Indiana. The total is essentially 10% of Valparaiso's workforce, with approximately 300 workers remaining. Emerson said: "This difficult decision is no reflection on the quality of these employees, who have served the company and our customers well over the years. This is a necessary business decision based on declining demand for the industrial products and components we manufacture and the need to operate competitively and most efficiently to serve the needs of our customers worldwide." Approximately 300 workers will remain in Valparaiso. Already this year, the facility has been through shortened workweeks, voluntary layoffs, and at least one temporary