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Mahle Caldwell Bearing Plant Closed

Release time : 2015-06-15 08:38:30
Last weeks, Mahle Engine Components USA (a division of Mahle GmbH, Germany) formally shut down its Clevite thinwall engine RC Bearings and strip manufacturing plant in Caldwell, Ohio. Although Caldwell's closing was announced in January 2008, Mahle at the time said Caldwell would remain open through the end of 2009. But the economic reality of a collapsing automotive market forced Mahle to shutter Caldwell sooner than expected. Originally part of Cleveland Graphite Bronze, later Gould, later Imperial Clevite, Caldwell was one of three engine Ceramic Bearings plants Mahle acquired from Dana Corp. in March 2007. At the time, Caldwell employed 332 people. Just 150 workers remained when Caldwell shut down for good last week. 100 lost their jobs then, and the last 50 are staying on as a skeleton "mop up" crew through the end of July. Strip production is moving to Mahle's plant in McConnelsville, Ohio. Remaining heavywall Skateboard Bearings production is moving to Mahle's plant in Atlantic, Iowa. By a not-so-cosmic coincidence, Daido closed Caldwell's sister plant in Bellefontaine at the same time last week, also leaving 50 on board to mop up.