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Lyc Company Received Informatization Application Leadership Award In China Manufacturing Industry

Release time : 2015-06-15 09:17:48
Recently, the Fourth China Manufacturing Industry CIO Annual Conference and 2009 China Manufacturing Informatization Review Award Ceremony was closed in Beijing. The informatization construction of LYC Company which is the most famous bearings manufacturer who was issued the Informatization Application Leadership Award in China Manufacturing Industry and became one the two companies in Henan Province that receive such honor. For many years, LYC Company has highly stressed the informatization construction of the company, consummated the management system through continuous and independent development and the application of computer management software. The company products of needle roller bearing has successively completed the sales ERP system, group financial management system, enterprise e-bank balancing system, CAD/CAPP/PDM system, logistic ERP system, production and manufacturing operation system, office automation, web portal and sales online, etc., which enables the company to carry out the management work scientifically and efficiently, achieve the integration of enterprise logistic, capital flow and information flow and the systematic management and analysis, form the high integrated managing information network that connects each department closely, restrict each department and share the data, achieve the reasonable deployment of the company resource, reduce the cost of stock and capital, enhance the market strain capacity, improve the working efficiency and performance and therefore establishes the leading position of the company in the development of bearing industry informatization management software and the application level. It is understood that as the key promotion enterprise of national manufacturing informatization application, LYC Company has received several honors from Henan Science & Technology Department. The honor this time proved the solid technology strength of the company in China ball bearings manufacturing industry informatization application field.