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Lyc Company Kept The High Output In November

Release time : 2015-06-15 09:18:12
In November, every manufacturing section of LYC Company scientifically organized the production, carried out the superior-subordinate communication, worked energetically, kept the high output, successfully finished the tasks and met the market requirements. According to the requirement of ???Improve Cognition, Overcome Fussy Emotion, Form Active Atmosphere, Enhance Executive Power, and strongly Boost the Inside Marketization??? proposed by Chen Guozhen, the Director of the Board of LYC Company on the middle-level leaders meeting, in November, each section of the company worked initiatively without the thinking of waiting or relying, which guaranteed the maximization of the effective output. Meanwhile, each section efficiently employed a series of stimulus policies of ???cutting jobs without reducing salary???, sufficiently mobilized the enthusiasm of the employees, which set up the solid base for the successful completion of the production tasks. In November, the finished products took up 108.3% based on the task in this month. From January to November, the output of finished products has exceeded the total output of the last whole year. Combined to the production and operation work in December, the company requests each section to manufacture carefully, enhance management, mobilize the employees??? enthusiasm, and guarantee the successful completion of the task in whole year.