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Lubricant Celebrated For 60 Years Of Use

Release time : 2015-06-15 09:21:38
For 60 years, the Molykote brand lubricants team from Dow Corning has promoted the benefits of proper lubricants and lubrication services for customers around the world. In 2008, Molykote is celebrating its 60th anniversary by rededicating itself to the customers who have contributed so much to its success. "Molykote lubricants have consistently delivered high performance, reinventing the brand from its roots in Molybdenum to now offering a diverse lubrication product and service line to meet a wide range of environments, loads and temperatures, adding to the technical knowledge upon which the brand was founded," said Randall Rozin, global brand manager for Molykote. Molykote was founded in 1948 and originally sold a single product under the slogan, "Molykote is purest molybdenum disulphide." Since being acquired by Dow Corning in 1967, the brand has expanded to offer multi-purpose oils, synthetic and ultra high-purity fluids, specialty compounds, greases, pastes, and anti-friction coatings, as well as consulting services through a network of more than 3,000 partner organizations. "As it grew from a lubricant supplier to a valued partner, Molykote became a leader in meeting ever-growing customer demands, such as cost-savings and energy reduction through proper lubrication," said Eriko Sakurai, global executive director for Dow Corning's lubrication expertise business. In March 2008, Molykote introduced an online energy savings calculator designed to educate maintenance engineers of the potential energy and emission savings that can be realized through proper lubrication practices. An example of Molykote's commitment to helping companies reduce energy consumption, the calculator can be accessed online at the Molykote website: www.dowcorning.com/content/molykote/EnergySavingsCalculator.aspx. "As part of our anniversary celebration, we want to thank our dedicated customers who have contributed so greatly to our success," said Sakurai. "I am thrilled to celebrate a successful 60 years and look forward to even more to come in the years ahead."