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Linqi Kaiyuan Bearing Company Technology Reform Coruscates New Vigor

Release time : 2015-06-15 09:25:23
Linxin Kaiyuan Bearing Co., Ltd has increased the investment in technology reform and developed high-precision and the edge-cutting products, which has achieved the rapid development of the company. The reporter Yi Yongzhi said, Our reporting team of key construction projects is now in the high-precision Stainless Steel Bearings workshop of Linxi Kaiyuan Bearing Co., Ltd. The product in my hand is the newly developed products by the company independently, which is developed by using the anti-premature-senility process. At present, this technology has reached the international advanced level, which fills the gab in China. Linxi Kaiyuan Bearing Co., Ltd is the first Water Pump Bearings manufacturing enterprise in China which has listed in the foreign securities market and it has its own exporting right. The products are mainly used for various fitting products for automobiles, metallurgy machinery, oil pump nozzle, machine tool equipments, mining machinery, engineering machinery and agricultural machinery. The company introduced the advanced equipments for processing and detecting, having five high-precision automatic production lines, 1 completely automatic assembly line, 3 supersonic cleaning unit, and 3 heat treatment production lines. Meanwhile, the company exerted its advantages of provincial technological development center, continuously enlarged the development, and cumulatively invested CNY 300 million in developing high-precision car bearings. Its 32008KS tapered Needle Ball Bearings manufactured through anti-premature-senility process have been identified as the refined bearings by the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. One type of its product has been awarded as the National Emphasis New Product; 21 products have filled the gaps in China; the company manufactured fitting products for the famous domestic enterprises such as FAW Jiefang Automotive Company Ltd. and Sinotruk, etc. Its products have been exported to the USA, Mideast, Eastern Europe, etc. At present, the second section of the project is still under construction, which will form production capacity of 8 million precise car High Speed Bearings each year. It is predicted that the project will be finished in the end of the year. Sui Guoting, the general manager of Linxi Kaiyuan Bearing Co., Ltd, said. After our second project and the anti-premature-senility projects are finished, we will achieve the sales of CNY 0.46 billion and CNY 600 million profits and taxes, and increase 400 jobs.