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Lilys Customer Case Of Flanged Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 11:01:50
There is a flange on the bearing's outer ring, called flanged bearing. The flange makes it convenient to position during installation and can avoid the sliding phenomenon. Some bearings always use other components to achieve the fixed effect, such as tight sleeve and bearing seat. It not only increases the cost, but also is inconvenient to maintain. But the emergence of flanged deep groove ball bearings solves these problems. A customer of east China needs to produce a flanged bearing F6306ZZ. The customer's company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sell of automotive air conditioning and exhaust gas treatment system. They cooperate with car companies at home and abroad, such as Honda, Mazda and Chang'an Suzuki. When the customer consult to us, he asks us whether we can produce such large size flanged bearing with a questioning tone. He nearly has asked all companies which can produce flanged bearings, but all companies tell that they can't produce the flanged bearing model. I tell him the reason, namely there are less customers using large size flanged bearings in the domestic, so there are less factories producing them. And another reason is that more factories are limited by mechanical equipment and technical conditions. We have started to produce large size flanged bearings 3 years ago, and the largest size can be F6310ZZ, F6210ZZ, F6010ZZ, F6910ZZand so on. After hearing what I say, the customer is satisfied to say:'' Finally I find the company, if I don't find the company producing the large size flanged bearings, I decide to find bearing company overseas.'' Of course, it will greatly increase our production cost. At the same time, we provide some other kinds of bearings for his choice, mainly including F682ZZ-F6810ZZ, F692ZZ-F6910ZZ, F632ZZ-F6310ZZ, F602ZZ-F6010ZZ and so on. So the customer is more strongly willing to cooperate with us. Apart from the successful cooperation, we establish long-term cooperation relationship.