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Lily Bearing Upgrade The Objective This Year

Release time : 2015-06-11 10:51:46
In Jan. 2010, Lily Bearing Co., Ltd has got off to a good start this year in Stainless Steel Bearings production and sales, which encouraged the staff of the company y to propel another great development and reset the mission and objective in the new three-year. The company aims to achieve breakthrough of the sales income of 100 million yuan up to 2012. Recently, Lily Bearing Co, Ltd has held the meeting of the board of directors, discussing the strategic Water Pump Bearings development layout of the company in the following three years and the position of the work next year. The participants all agrees that in the passed one year, even though the global financial crisis has influenced the company which depends on the product export, the company has taken measures immediately to adjust the management strategy and propel the continuous and healthy development of the company when the orders greatly reduced and the production was insufficient. After one year efforts, under the support and leading of Changjiang Headquarter, the company has achieved a lot with the understanding and effort of all the staff, completed over each economic index. The sales value was up to 71 million yuan in the year and it achieved the profit of 9 million yuan; the income of the staff has increased 7.8% on a year-on-year basis. Each data of economic work has been greatly improved based on that in 2008. Based on the careful analysis of Needle Ball Bearings situation, neatening the prominent problems in the economic work of the company and constituting the detailed measures, the board of directors of the company proposed higher requirements to the economic work in the following three years and next year. The party & administration leaders of the company indicated that facing up the favorable sales trend, the staff of the company is more confident and work harder; the company should grasp the opportunity, do good job in constitution of the layout in the following three years and implement it well, make a good start, further enhance the consciousness of brand, quality and cost; tamp the management basis, improve the management level, continuously expand market, effectively avoid the risks and create better achievements. In three years, the sales of the company should breakthrough 100 million yuan.