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The New L350 Bearings Can Even Work in the Metal Solution

Release time : 2018-05-29 05:21:12
Igus, a Cologne-based energy chain system and polymer bearing manufacturer based in Cologne, has developed a new non-lubricated and maintenance-free material for very high-speed instrumentation in continuous operation. Igus Bearings said that iglidur L350 bearings are ideal for fans, blowers or motors at a fraction of the cost of conventional bearings of the same type. In the rotation test of the Igus test laboratory, this material demonstrates the unlimited potential in metal solutions. Iglidur L350 bearings in the friction and wear little influence, especially suitable for use in a permanent and rapid rotation of the place. It can be said iglidur L350 bearing is designed for permanent high-speed operation of the machine and design. New high-performance plastics for mobile applications have higher impact and edge pressure resilience than other bearing solutions such as sintered metal bearings. In igus's in-house test laboratory, bearings made of iglidur L350 also showed a threefold reduction in wear at 1.5 m / s compared to plain shaft bearings. Common shaft steel bearings reach their limits at higher speeds, but the friction and wear factors of iglidur L350 plain bearings remain the same. Due to the low thermal expansion of the bearings, L350 bearings can be used even under harsh environmental conditions up to + 210 ¡ã C. Due to the low hygroscopicity, contact with different media is also safe. Igus bearing company official said that with constant research, iglidur L350 prices can be reduced by 50% compared to similar materials. The Iglidur L350 is suitable for a wide range of applications, from fans, blowers and motors to simple home appliances. It is a replacement for impregnated sintered bearings for initial installation and retrofit.