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Ktr Develops Coupling For Measurement And Control

Release time : 2015-06-15 09:35:48
KTR's Countex Coupling is a three-part, backlash-free, torsionally stiff coupling used mainly in measuring and control technology, such as encoders and tachometers. The compact design of the coupling is characterised by its simple assembly, reliable performance and suitability for use in confined spaces. The double cardanic design allows the coupling to compensate for all potential misalignments with minimal restoring forces. The axial 'plug-in' of the coupling ensures an easy blind assembly. The coupling has aluminium crown-shaped hubs on the outside diameter, with a toothed cage made from temperature-resistant nylon. Set screws secure the hubs against axial movement. Countex can be used in temperatures of up to 160C. The first Countex Coupling available was a size 14 with rated torques of 1Nm and maximum bore diameter of 14mm. KTR has now extended the range to include the smaller size 6 Countex Coupling with a rated torque of 0.3Nm and maximum bore diameter of 6mm. The coupling is available from stock at KTR with a range of bore sizes.