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Knowing The Application Of Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:02:58
As a sales of bearing must know the customer,sapplication that where the bearing be used. If you only know the bearing,smodel and size, It will be difficult for you to make a deal. The following is a sample conversation: sales: This is a sales of bearing, can you say the bearing modelor size? Customer: Yeah, I want 608 zz10000 sets. sales: Ok, but what application and what material? Customer: How? I only what 608 zz a? sales: Tax price 1Y/PC.Customer: So expensive? Generally 5 cents. (theorder is gone). We can see from the aboveconversationthatthe sales know the application of customers is very important. The customer mayneed carbon steel material but we quote ordinary steel bearing. Both that will leave the unprofessional impression to customer. No matter how misunderstandingthe customer is we should professional and get the detailed information. Another customer required the samples of 6000 zz and did notprovide specific information, then we send deep groove ball bearing of 6000 zz .The customer received and claimed that I just want a one-way bearing in onedirection, but the deep groove ball bearing can turn in two directions. Actuallyone-way bearing CSK dealers is needed. So when we communicate with customers must to know where thebearings used for. especially to those who are "worry" dealercustomers, must be careful.