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Keeping Trucks On The Road With Skf Wheel End Monitor

Release time : 2015-06-15 09:55:15
Now in volume production, the SKF Wheel End Monitor has been designed to alert truck operators to the early signs of damage to truck and trailer wheel Deep Groove Ball Bearings. Simply mounted on the wheel rim, this self-contained monitoring device helps to track possible damage and wear long before bearing failure occurs, allowing operators to schedule any repairs within their normal maintenance patterns and avoid unnecessary downtime of their vehicles. Easily attached to the wheel rim from the outside using two adjacent wheel nuts, the SKF Wheel End Monitor records vibrations from the wheel in such a way that it can differentiate between those generated by Miniature Thrust Bearings damage - such as that caused by raceway spalling - and the normal vibrations attributable to tyre rolling and road conditions. Built-in intelligent evaluation logic detects vibration signals from damaged bearings and automatically puts the Wheel End Monitor into alert mode. This is indicated by the flashing of a red LED on the device for several days, although the status of the monitor can be read manually at any time to gauge the wheel bearing condition. This is achieved by placing a small magnet "read key" against the device for one to two seconds, causing the monitor to check its collected data about the bearing's condition and indicate the results via LED light signals. A green light indicates everything is in order; a red light shows a faulty bearing was detected and requires checking and, if necessary, replacing. Alternating green and red lights indicate either incorrect mounting of the device or that its battery needs changing. Because the SKF Wheel End Monitor detects and indicates the first signs of bearing damage, the truck or trailer affected will still be able to cover considerable distances - possibly several thousand kilometres - before there is any danger of full bearing failure. Preventative maintenance measures can thus be employed at routine service intervals without having to take the vehicle off road for unscheduled repairs. Developed with the strength of the company's long-standing experience in rolling Stainless Steel Bearings technology and its up-to-date knowledge of bearings the their failure mechanisms, the SKF Wheel End Monitor has been fully "road tested" and has proved itself under a wide range of climatic conditions in two large-scale field trials in the USA and Australia. With its current capabilities, the SKF Wheel End Monitor can be considered as a first step in a series of mechatronic products for monitoring the condition of wheel ends.