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Jtekt Developing An Engine Accessory Idler Bearing Pic

Release time : 2015-06-15 10:11:57
JTEKT Corporation has succeeded in developing an engine accessory idler bearing with dramatically improved water resistance and plans to begin mass-production of this product in October this year. SUVs, which have gained popularity around the world because of their suitability for both off-road and on-road driving, on occasion are operated with the greater part of their lower half submerged in water. Such harsh operating conditions have given rise to the need for bearing seals able to prevent water incursion into the Miniature Bearing interior without hindering high-speed rotational performance. Conventionally, an RM seal having an M-shaped double construction seal lip has been utilized to achieve high sealing performance in automotive engine accessory bearings, but by establishing an axial lip between the bearing seal and the waterproofing plate (referred to as the slinger), JTEKT this time has created a High Speed Bearing that displays dramatically improved water resistance under submerged conditions while maintaining high-speed rotational performance. JTEKT expects that this newly developed product will find application not only on SUVs but also on emergency vehicles that must be used in adverse conditions in response to disasters. Features of developed product 1.Water resistance has been dramatically improved by establishing an axial lip between the RC Bearing seal and the waterproofing plate (the slinger). 2.High-speed rotation has been secured by optimal design of the axial lip interference portion. 3.Corrosion resistance equivalent to that of the conventional product has been achieved by use of stainless steel for the slinger. Axial lip interference portion: Seal lip portion in interference with the sliding surface. Appearance of developed product