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It Is Necessary To Know Bearing Purchasing Selection Knowledge

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:12:50
Bearing selection is very important for shaft and the product itself, if the right bearing type and size, sometimes will reach twice the result with half the effort.And if they choose wrong, light can't use, or will damage the product, do more harm than good.Below and selection of bearing problems, it is necessary to know themselves conclude bearing purchasing selection knowledge: 1, the position of the bearing installation 2, the first thing to consider bearing force.Axial force and radial force or other force is self-aligning degrees. 3, bearing design need to bear the load, speed, and precision, and so on, thus to determine the specific type of bearing. 4, calculate the rated load and the limit speed of the selected bearing. 5, installation and removal, some applications often need to disassembly and assembly, to ensure that can regularly for testing and maintenance.Can be installed separately on inner and outer bearing such as: cylindrical bearings, needle roller bearings, and tapered bearing is very suitable for the occasion.Taper groove of automatic self-aligning ball bearing and spherical roller bearing with the help of the shaft sleeve, also simplifies the installation program. In addition to the above factors, but also should consider working environment temperature of the bearing, bearing seal and the friction torque, and the special requirements of vibration and noise, etc.