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Invention Patents Of Lyc Hit Historical High Level In 2009

Release time : 2015-06-15 10:30:07
In 2009, in the face of furious market competition in the environment of global financial crisis, LYC Needle roller Bearings Company grasped the opportunity, aiming at the national programming of propelling the equipment manufacturing industry and the main supported field, and pushed the work of new products development. They have totally developed new products of 520 models, which increased 182% based on that in the same period last year. The number of the new products developed LYC Company has hit the historical high level. Compared with that in last year, the technology of LYC new Stainless Steel Bearings had much difficulties, and the structure was complicated and the product which has many individualized requirements of users obviously increased; the new products precision were greatly improved; the product technology has reached the international advanced level; they increased the new record of new product development one after another. In 2009, the company totally reported 22 patents and 12 of them were invention patents, which hit the historical high level. Up to the present, LYC Company has 120 patents, in which 10 were invention patents.