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Introduction To The Custom Bearings Drawing

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:53:12
In the production of Custom Bearings, many Custom Bearings are new designed according to the customers'requirements. So we will provide samples which are produced according to the drawing to our customer for confirmation. We are not to inform customers and prove that the our bearing is controlled according to the drawing and the customer's requirements but to help customers find if there is any section size need to improve after assembling the samples into the bearing supporting artifacts and machines. So in a certain tolerance range, we can accord to the customer's requirements for further processing. This is why many customers need samples to confirm. Now let's talk about the aspects we should pay attention to when confirming the Custom Bearings drawings: First: confirm the size Second: confirm the texture Third:confirm the performance Based on the above points,we draw out a standard drawing in the angle of a bearing manufacture. Drawing will note: the specific material and size of the inner and outer ring,ball,cage and dust cover,the number and size of steel ball, category and type of lubricant. We will remark clearly on the drawings if there are special requirements. Then send the drawing to our customer and at the same time ask for the stamp back. This is our processing basis, is also the basis of the acceptance of goods. In the production of Custom Bearings,the drawing is the theoretical basis.And the products are produced according to the drawing,eventually we will back to the practical application.Making adjustment according to the practical application requirements is the real meaning of the samples! Custom Bearings reference drawings are as follows: