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Introduction To The 608 Skateboard Bearing

Release time : 2015-06-10 08:47:11
608 bearing use range is very wide.This page will introduce using 608 bearing on the slide.These 608 zz precision bearing is also used on the skateboard bearing. 608 bearing 6 said it is a deep groove ball bearings, 0 refers to a series of deep groove ball bearings, 8 represents the diameter size of 8 mm.608 the size of the bearing is 22 mm (diameter) of 7 mm (width) and 8 mm (inner diameter).Sometimes, we write 608 bearing prefer 8 x22x7mm said.Of course, if the customer has custom-made requirements, we can do it, too. Bearing a total of 608 including a handful of the ball, two rings, a cage (nylon or stainless steel) and two seals.Sealing ring material can be metal or rubber seal.If you choose to metal seal, we can say them as 608 zz.If you select the rubber sealing ring, we can call them the 608-2 - rs. In general, 608 bearing material is chrome steel, but we can also provide some special 608 bearing materials, including stainless steel and ceramic. ABEC 1 grade skateboard bearing is precision grade of the lowest among all the skateboard bearing.But that doesn't mean ABEC 1 levels of 608 zz bearing can't use.First of all, we should know what ABEC 1?It originated in the United States Bearing manufacturers association (ABMA) circular Bearing project Committee (Annular Bearing Engineering Committee), hereinafter referred to as ABEC. There are many references on our website ABEC 1 slide bearing parameter information, you can also use wikipedia to find relevant information.These parameters information data is very professional. I believe that for the skateboard bearing lovers, learning these will be a little difficult.As for ABEC 1 slide bearing, we concluded that it is in many occasions, to provide the most common bearing, it is not high requirement, so the price also is not very high.