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Introduction Of The Structure And Performance Of Thrust Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 07:48:01
Thrust ball bearings are separated type bearings. They are divided into three parts: upper and lower washers, rolling elements and cage. Thrust bearings can only carry axial load. The biggest characteristic of one-way thrust bearing is that it can only bear one-way axial load with lower limit rotation speed than deep groove ball bearing. The most common materials of thrust bearing are chrome steel, stainless steel and ceramic. They are shown in the following images in turn. In addition, thrust bearings are also called thrust ball bearings including one-way and two-way thrust bearings. The main structure feature of two-way thrust bearing is its two cages with balls. The materials of cages include stamped steel, stainless steel, copper and solid copper. There are two types of upper and lower washers, that is, washers with the raceway and without the raceway. At present, miniature thrust ball bearing is the most common on the market. Miniature ball bearings are available with bore size within 10mm. The materials of washers are chrome steel and stainless steel with or without the raceway. The materials of cages include stainless steel and copper. Thrust ball bearings are separated type bearings with 90 contact angle and can be installed separately. Thrust ball bearings can only carry axial load. Their limit rotation speed is low. Steel balls will crush towards the outer edge of the raceway and be scratched easily because of centrifugal force, so they are not suitable for high speed rotation. The dust proof function is not good as a result of generally open and separated type of thrust ball bearings. Therefore, we launch thrust ball bearings with the shell for customers, which fixes the dust proof defect. Latest Articles ?Small bearings turning the big world ?Chinese bearing export 2.592 billion pieces, indicating an increase of 14% ?The Function of Miniature Thrust Bearings ?Good quality skateboard bearings ?How to judge the quality of bearings ?Bearing Industry in Need of Transformation and Upgrading Urgently ?Bearing Industry Expands Its Production Scale Continually ?100 Percent of the Qualified Ratio for Domestic Spot Check on Bearing Steel ?Miniature bearings around us ?The Related Knowledge about Miniature Stainless Steel Bearing