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Introduces The Application Of Ball Bearing Track And Related Information

Release time : 2015-06-10 13:10:54
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>Introduces the Application of Ball Bearing Track and Related Information ?2004-2012 What is the ball bearing track? Ball bearing track by metal and bearing combination.It can bear fixed, guide mobile device or equipment. It is a kind of spare parts can reduce friction. Ball bearing track also called slide rail, linear ball bearing track, linear slide rail, used for linear reciprocating motion situation, it can be in high load realize high precision linear motion. Deep Groove Ball Bearings application description: it in our daily life is very common, such as sliding door, the train tracks and so on can use it. Can also used for any need to bring sliding machine or equipment above. Ball bearing track conventional type: TH35-7.5, TH35-15, G32-15, G32-15 (1.2 MM), TH15-5.5, TH35-7.0, TH35-10, TH35-7.5 L, TH35-7.5 L (1.5 MM), G32-15 L. Ball bearing track standard: This standard applies to associate with diode or multipolar conductor will lamps and lanterns is connected to the power supply of the ball bearing track system. Rated current is not more than 16 A, and electrode rated voltage not over 440 V rail system, or does not provide ground (m class), every conductors rated current is not more than 25 A, rated safety very low voltage not more than 25 V. Ball bearing track system can provide lamps and lanterns mechanical support. This system is not often appear special conditions of the local use, such as naval vessel, automobile, etc, also do not intend to use in bad places, such as might happen explosion dangerous area. Ball bearing track maintenance description: ball bearing track by steel or cast iron is made, in the long-term use process, because the two contact surfaces between different levels of friction, can cause Full Ceramic Bearings surface produce different degree of scratches and strain, the serious influence equipment processing accuracy and production efficiency. The traditional repair methods usually use a metal plate panel stick or replace wait for a method, but the need for a large number of precise processing and artificial scraping inquiry, repair, need to process, long time limit for a project. For the machine tool guideway scratch and strain problems can be used to solve polymer composite materials. The materials have excellent adhesion, compressive strength and oil resistance, abrasion resistance performance, but for the component to provide a long-term protective layer. Just a few hours can Ball Miniature Bearings cut part of the repair finished, put into use, relative to traditional method the operation simple, the cost is low.