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Innovation Work Takes Up High Point Of Created In China

Release time : 2015-06-15 10:34:03
Changjiang Bearing Company Successfully Held 2009 Sales & Marketing Work Meeting Recently, the sales representatives of Changjiang Bearing Co., Ltd. have gathered and participated in the 2009 Sales & Marketing Work Meeting, which was presided by Yang Di, the manger of the sale company. On the meeting, Dong Jinke, the Vice Manager of the Company who is mainly in charge of the sales work of the company congratulated the sales representatives and expressed his gratitude to them. Dong Jinke pointed out that the macro-control was enhanced and the economic recovery was speeded up in the international market. The attitude of each country to the economic revitalization was greatly changed, the trade protection was stressed and the export was greatly reduced. Meanwhile, Dong Jinke indicated that the count down of the construction of the companys new area has started and the entire moving of the company will be completed at the end of the year. 2010 will be the inflexion year of the company, and as the new start-point of the company, the new area will encourage the company to transfer from Made in Chinato Created in China Tang Shengyu, the Vice Manager of the Company has analyzed the automobile and motor market, summarized the completion state of the tasks from January to September, and further analyzed the general developing trend of the automobile and motor market next year. Chen Mingdi, the Vice Manager of the company has introduced the product supply and planning, indicated that the principle of each area should aim at the plan, consider the reasonability and continuousness of the product developing and guarantee the accuracy of the plan and the supply of goods in time.