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India Bearing Manufacturers Respond To Private Labelling

Release time : 2015-06-15 10:42:19
From August news on Private labels & product liability, the Ball Bearings Industry Code of Conduct received positive responses from Bearing Manufacturers in RAJKOT INDIA stating they do not endorse 'Private Labelling' by NKE Bearings Steyr Austria. One RAJKOT manufacturer confessed they produce taper rollers eg. Deep Groove Ball Bearings LM12749 & L68146 for "NKE" but not labelled "Made in Austria Steyr" with export custom documentation clearly identified as "Made in INDIA RAJKOT" However, these same bearings as shown to BICC are clearly labelled Austria Steyr. the Indians completely deny this process. Another Miniature Bearings Manufacturer from the same district in India told BICC they refuse to sign any agreement with NKE as they demand "Made in Austria" or no country of origin. What is not known, when NKE Bearings Steyr Austria re-exports these bearings from Europe to USA or Australia or to other countries, does the customs documentation state "Made in Austria" as labelled on the bearing or packaging? NKE refused to respond to these questions. False customs declaration to 'country of manufacturer' carry heavy penalties including jail to both exporter & buyer.