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In General Ball Bearing Material Is What

Release time : 2015-06-10 12:32:32    
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>In general, ball bearing material is what? ?2004-2012 Want to know the ball bearing material, then we have to understand the structure of the bearing first. Ball bearing including inner and outer ring, balls, and retainer. Therefore, there are performance requirements to the bearing internal and external ring, the ball and retainer, as follows. Ball strength, high hardness, resistance to friction loss of the high. Dimensional stability and mechanical strength.In addition, still need good workability. According to utility different, and ask its shock resistance, heat resistance, good corrosion resistance. So according to the requirement, Deep Groove Ball Bearings usually made of chrome steel GCR15 as ball bearing material. In addition, the ball bearing material include carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, tungsten carbide, platinum, gold, titanium, plastic,ceramic. Other less common materials include copper, monel, k - monel, lead, strongly glass, and niobium. So what is the difference between them? Let us illustrate as follows. First: Stainless Steel Bearings Stainless steel bearing compared with normal bearing, Not only material have obvious advantages, and in the process, the control of precision, more than ordinary bearing to more strictly. In the working process of stainless steel bearing stable, low noise, corrosion resistance. Its internal and external ring, the ball and retainer use vacuum quenching and tempering after treatment of stainless steel. Stainless steel bearing and plain bearing steel with a stronger rust and corrosion resistence, choose suitable lubricant, dust cover and so on, can be in -60Centigrade degree~ 300Centigrade degree under the environment of use. Stainless steel bearing and because of high mechanical strength, load capacity, widely used in food processing, medical devices, pharmaceutical machinery. Main application: medical equipment, cryogenic engineering, optical instrument, high-speed machines, high-speed electric machinery, printing machinery, food processing machinery Second: Full Ceramic Bearings Full ceramic bearing as a kind of important machine foundation parts, since it has metal bearing can not compare with excellent properties, resistance to high temperature and super strength, etc in the new material world clueless. In the near ten years, in the people's livelihood in various fields has been increasingly wide application. Aviation, navigation, nuclear industry, petroleum, chemical industry, textile industry, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, food, locomotive, subway, high speed machine tools and scientific research fields, such as national defense military technology need to be in high temperature, high speed, cryogenic, inflammable, explosive, strong corrosion, vacuum, electric insulation, no magnetic, dry friction and other special conditions work, ceramic bearing indispensable substitution is being gradually understanding. It has high temperature resistance, cold resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to magnetoelectricity insulation, oil free self lubricating, high speed characteristics. Can be used in the extreme bad environment and special circumstances. In conclusion, ball bearing can be made from many different materials. We can choose material according to different requirements.