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Igus Unveils Lubricant Free Toothed Belt Drive

Release time : 2015-06-15 10:47:13
Igus has developed a lubricant-free toothed belt drive, Drylin ZLW-0630 Basic, specifically for the low-cost sector for the fast positioning of small loads of up to 15kg. The linear unit is compact and offers an alternative to leadscrew drives or pneumatic cylinders. < http://www.bearing.com.cn/direc/myimg/081128.ab.bmp The 500mm stroke version of the corrosion-free lightweight model weighs only 800g. The stroke length is variable up to a maximum of 1000mm. The guide profile and the carriage plate are made of anodised aluminium. The low deadweight ensures low mass inertia. The housings on the ends of the toothed belt drive are made of the impact-resistant special plastic material Igumid G. Parts of the drive system and the sprockets are also made with tribo-optimised Igus polymers. The glass-fibre-reinforced toothed belt is made of neoprene, allowing quiet low-vibration running. The pulleys in the end blocks run directly in deep-groove ball bearings. Alternatively, plastic plain bearings can be used to enable the toothed belt shaft to be used under water without corrosion. Accessories such as fastening clamps and motor flanges complement the range. The actual linear guide is based on the Drylin W system, a modular system made of anodised aluminium, zinc die-cast casing and tribo-plastic plain bearings. Four polymer gliders made of Iglidur J guarantee quiet and smooth speeds of up to 2.5m/s. This makes them suited to tasks in the field of format adjustment, handling and automation. The flat and robust linear units can be assembled in a number of different ways. Thus, the drive can be fastened to the aluminium profiles using clamping elements, for example. Captive nuts, on the other hand, allow installation from three or two sides, as well as the attachment of sensors and initiators for positioning. There are also plain bores in the end blocks for individually cut threads for screw attachment at the narrow ends. The Drylin ZLW toothed belt shaft in the size 0630 Basic is available ex stock within three to four days.