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Igus Introduces Adjustable Clearance Linear Guide

Release time : 2015-06-15 10:53:26
Igus has developed the Drylin W linear guide with a turn-to-fit function for manual setting of the clearance. Customers can use standard clearance or can pre-tension the unit to make it free from clearance. The tolerance of the maintenance-free Drylin W system can be adjusted over the whole bearing surface by turning a knurled adjustment screw. The bearing then fits the shaft correctly and can be moved linearly. If wear occurs, the system can be readjusted. The clearance adjustment can be transferred to the ready-to-fit leadscrew linear units and belt drives. This system can be used for single or double rails made of hard-anodised aluminium, individual bearings or complete slides. This version is available in design size 10.