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Igus Bearings Reduce Friction In Bike Applications

Release time : 2015-06-15 10:58:41
Igus bearings are designed to reduce the friction of moving parts within professional bicycles, thanks to their high-performance, low-wear and maintenance-free properties. In bikes, bearings are found in the wheel hubs, the bottom bracket (middle of crank), the headset (steering), the pedals, the brake systems, the gear change units and sometimes other locations. Lubrication-free operation is one of the benefits offered by Iglidur plain bearings in bicycle applications because of reduced maintenance downtime. Igus polymer bearings can offer a fit-and-forget solution. A well-used bike will go through a series of stresses in its lifetime. Influential factors such as soiling, weathering, temperature and impact are some of the issues faced. Every year, Igus conducts more than 5,000 tests on plain bearings at its laboratory under realistic conditions. These tests are focused on load ratings, friction values, wear rates, drive forces and abrasion under all possible conditions at diverse speeds. In addition, Igus claims that its polymer bearings have an advantage over the traditional steel bearings typically used within the bicycle industry, because they are dirt and corrosion resistant, they are low in weight and they are able to achieve longer lifecycles, which, in turn, result in a lower cost.