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Hybrid Linear Bearing Reduces Friction In Machine Guard Doors

Release time : 2015-06-15 11:01:27
EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. - The word 'hybrid' is used in engineering to describe a system where two technologies are combined together. igus? has now achieved this with a completely new type of cost-effective hybrid linear bearing that both rolls and slides. The new hybrid bearing, DryLin? WJRM, was developed with the goal of reducing driving force, especially in applications involving the manual adjustment of machine-guard doors, partitions and adjustable locks, or for light handling tasks. For this purpose, igus took the advantages unique to sliding and rolling movements and combined them. A self-lubricating plastic, sliding sleeve bearing ensures the hybrid linear system is robust, dirt and moisture resistant, lightweight and low cost. Meanwhile, a maintenance-free polymer roller brings ease of use to applications where heavy machine doors up to 110 pounds have to be adjusted manually. The required driving force is reduced by a factor of 4 to 5 due to this roller bearing, which carries the main load. This makes manual operation much easier. The new hybrid bearing is the latest extension to the tried-and-trusted DryLin W linear guide range from igus. The extremely compact system was modeled by igus' design engineers in such a way that the rollers fit inside the linear profile without increasing height, which remains at a low profile 0.71 inches (18 mm). Standard linear guide profiles can be used, which are available in three styles for shaft diameters of 0.39 (10 mm): as individual rails for more flexibility and as double rails for fast installation without time-consuming alignment. The latter comes with a distance between rails of 1.57 inches (40 mm) or 3.15 inches (80 mm). The hybrid bearing housing is made from blue-chromed die-cast zinc. DryLin W is a flexible, modular linear guide system made from hard-anodized aluminum profiles, die-cast zinc housings, stainless steel or aluminum and plastic plain bearing materials. The wide variety of different combinations within this easy-to-install system allows users to optimize available design space. DryLin W linear guides work without lubrication as dry-running systems and do not require maintenance during operation. They use plastic liners made from iglide? J or iglide J200, both of which are extremely low wear and have a very low coefficient of friction. They are also chemical resistant, vibration dampening and absorb negligible amounts of moisture. For more information, please call 1 (888) 803-1895 or e-mail mailto:[email protected] [email protected] . About igus igus develops industry-leading Energy Chain? cable carriers, Chainflex? continuous-flex cables, iglide? plastic plain bearings, igubal? spherical bearings, DryLin linear bearings and guide systems. These seemingly unrelated products are linked together through a belief in making functionally advanced, yet affordable plastic components and assemblies. With plastic bearing experience since 1964, cable carrier experience since 1971 and continuous-flex cable since 1989, igus provides the right solution based on 70,000 products available from stock. No minimum order required. For more information, contact igus at (800) 521-2747 or visit http://www.igus.com www.igus.com . igus, DryLin, iglide, Energy Chain, Chainflex and igubal are registered trademarks of igus Inc. All other company names and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Company Information: Name: Igus, Inc. Address: P.O. Box 14349-T City: East Providence State: RI ZIP: 02914 0349 Country: USA Phone: 800-521-2747 FAX: 401-438-7270 http://www.igus.com http://www.igus.com