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Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Encounterelectric Motors

Release time : 2015-06-10 10:49:47
Hybrid ceramic bearing is the new member of bearings family. It has the advantages of high speed and high precision of common bearing and resistant to high temperature and PH, so it can be seen as the mixture of common bearing and ceramic bearing and is widely applied to such industry as chemical, food and power transmission. The ''encounter'' of the hybrid ceramic bearing and electric motors began from my customer who required us to produce transmission motors. As is known to us, electric motors' requirement for bearing is very strict. Once rotates, the electric motor will produce high temperature and its service life will be very short. While the problem confuses customer and the service life is short and the cost is high.The customer finds me through our company website. He once heard we can produce hybrid ceramic bearing which can solve high temperature problem and achieve higher rotation speed and longer service life. In the beginning, I suggest to produce 10 samples to test. The selection is stainless steel inner and outside rings, zirconia balls and steel retainers. After using, the customer realizes that the retainer can't withstand. Because of high rotation speed, the zirconia ceramic balls wear very much. The problem can attribute to the reason, namely due to their technicists'test for the product, the customer don't tell us clearly the specific load information of their products. After negotiating with customer, I provide another scheme for him. This time we choose stainless steel inner and outside rings, silicon nitride balls and nylon retainer. After using, the service life and usage condition are much better than the last time. The customer is very satisfied with my solution. From the case, I know that in bearing sales process we must accurately know any details in customer's usage process. Even if they don't know some details, we must think in advance and provide the best scheme as soon as possible to help customer solve the problems arising from bearing usage process! In this way, we can get more customers!