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No Fear of Current Damage! Hybrid Ceramic Bearings Maybe the Best Partnerfor Genera tors

Release time : 2017-09-01 02:24:47
We know that the bearing performance is not only determined by the load or rated speed, many other factors will also affect the performance of the bearing. With the ever-changing demand, hybrid ceramic bearings with its insulation, low density and low friction and other superior performance, is used in more and more areas. Which hybrid ceramic bearings make it in the application of the generator on the edge. The hybrid ceramic bearings compared to the advantages of ordinary shaft steel bearings where we can first from its material analysis. Hybrid ceramic bearings are made of silicon nitride materials, we know that silicon nitride is a non-conductive material, can protect the bearing rings from current damage, so the current may damage the application of bearings, you can use mixed ceramic Bearing to eliminate the impact of the current, but also can extend the bearing life. In addition, the density of the silicon nitride rolling elements for the hybrid ceramic bearings is 60% lower than the density of the steel balls of the same size. The lighter weight means a smaller inertia, which gives the hybrid ceramic bearing excellent performance during fast start and stop, and has a higher speed capability. Whether it is DC, AC, or high frequency pulse generator, in its work process, there may be extra stray current into the generator bearing. Stray current through the bearing, the ordinary shaft steel bearings may cause significant damage, including roller micro-pit corrosion, metal surface melting and degradation of lubricating grease and other injuries. In this case, it is necessary to have the insulation of the rolling bearing hybrid ceramic bearings with the current barrier, intense after a long time current analysis experiments to produce a hybrid ceramic bearings can easily solve all the troubles, the basic can eliminate the power of the commonplace To the stray current to damage the risk. In addition, the high hardness of the silicon nitride rolling body of the mixed ceramic bearing means excellent abrasion resistance, higher bearing rigidity, and longer service life in a polluted environment.