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How To Replace Wheel Bearings Find Out The Causes Of Damage First

Release time : 2015-06-10 13:12:23    
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>How to Replace Wheel Bearings ?Find Out the Causes of Damage First ?2004-2012 In life, we will encounter the a replacement wheel bearings, then how to replace wheel bearings? How to replace wheel bearings, first you have to determine the bearing causes of damage, mainly on account the wheel bearings degree of injury, mechanical performance, the importance of operating conditions, to decide during the next overhaul. If you have the following defects can no longer use, must be replaced with new bearings. The inner ring, an outer ring, rolling elements, on any one of the holder there are cracks or notches. Ferrule, on any one of the rolling bodies are broken. Rolling pavement, wall, rolling on the card hurt. Cage wear or rivet a significant relaxation. Raceway, rolling element rust injured. Raceway serious indentation and hit the mark on the rolling element. Inner ring inner diameter surface or outer diameter surface significant creep. Obvious discoloration caused by heat. The sealed grease the Stainless Steel Bearings, seals or dust cover damaged significantly. Understanding of the causes of damage to the wheel bearings, we can proceed with how to replace the wheel bearings. How to replace the wheel bearings first step, replace the bearing before preparation tool Preparation tool: good lithium based grease No. 2 500 ml, lighting kerosene or diesel, waste cloth or old clothes, a basin, parts storage box, repair tools, markers. How to replace the roller skating bearing the second step, the top car unloading bolt First both sides of the front / rear wheel fixing bolts in diagonal order to loosen; rising side of the front / rear jack pad with a the iron triangle stand or wooden bricks steady, repeat this process pad to steady the other side; then loosen the front / rear mounting bolts Remove the storage box of parts. Third, begin demolition wheel bearings automotive front and rear wheel bearings The front / rear Deep Groove Ball Bearings unloaded, and then remove the front / rear brake brake pads (distinguish between left and right inside and outside with a permanent marker label), then the front / rear bearing head Remove the cover of cap to remove baskets fixing bolts insurance sales. Loosen and remove the bolts, then remove the inner and outer Ball Miniature Bearings checking, no serious wear the available kerosene or diesel cleaning wipe clean, and the inner and outer bearing grease spread evenly loaded back into place, such as severe wear will be promptly replaced. Rewind baskets bolts tight after a half, then rotate the front / rear bearing the check whether Songkuang or pull fresh repeat adjusted to Songkuang the not pull fresh state. Fourth, install safety catch began to replace the wheel bearings The install the baskets bolts insurance sales, front / rear axle cover of cap, with a clean cloth to carefully wipe the brake disc, the chip surface oil, and check the brake disc, the body and the surface of the chip, if damaged should be timely repair or replacement. Install the front wheel on the diagonal sequence tighten the bolts, and then repeat the process to complete the other side of the maintenance. How to replace the wheel bearings last step Remove the the triangle bracket or pad brick side of the front wheel rises jack jack uninstall the front / rear wheel ground. Repeat this process for the other side of the front / rear wheel ground. Diagonal sequence with a wrench to tighten the tire mounting bolts (kg torque).