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How To Remove And Install Rc Car Ball Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 11:53:53
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>How to Remove and Install RC Car ball Bearings? ?2004-2012 You may a lover of RC car, and then you would need RC Car ball Bearings. If you value them you must know how to maintain your RC car and your RC Car ball Bearings? I will explain to you in this article, and let's take RC Car ball Bearing as an example. First let's come in how to remove RC car ball bearing; A, if the RC Car Bearings you used are fully obstructed Ball Bearings is recessed and is never accessible from behind. Do not be tempted to pry out the bearing with a screwdriver or pliers. We're going to do a bit of magic here. First, clean out the inner race with a cotton swab. Take the shaft that is designed to fit the bearing, and also wipe it clean of any oil or grease. Insert the shaft into the inner race and slowly rock it back and forth, pulling on the shaft as you go. The shaft will of course slip out of the hole, but the bearing will have started to work its way out. Continue rocking until the bearing has been completely removed. B, RC Car Bearings that is partially obstructed is accessible from behind, but only through a small hole. This is often the case when two RC car ball bearing are inserted back to back, such as in a steering knuckle. You can only get to the back of one bearing through the inner race of the other, so using an oversize or tapered tool won't work. Use a piece of a parts tree or chopstick that will fit through the obstruction to reach the back of your bearing, and carefully start pushing it out on one side and then the other. Watch out for the shielding; focus your pressure on the edges of the inner race. Take your time, go slowly, and be patient. Then install RC Bearings would be easier. Lever the seals out and then, with a drift, drive the bearings out. It helps to change the end of the drift from one side of the bearing to the other as you hammer the drift. Work your way all around the bearing so it does not get cock-eyed in the wheel as you drive it out. When both of the old bearings are out drive the new bearings back in, being careful to keep the bearing level and straight in the bore. Only drive the bearing in from the outside race, NOT the inside race. If you apply force to the inside race, all the force goes through the balls of the ball bearing, knocking them out of alignment and RUINING the bearing. Then replace the seals. Remember to place the bearing spacer in between the bearings before you drive the second bearing in. You can use a special seal/bearing driver to drive the bearings in or just turn a socket around and use it as a driver. RC car ball bearing usually last quite a while. If you feel any play in the Miniature Bearings replace them. If the wheel hub feels very hot to the touch, check to see if the brakes are dragging. If the brakes are not dragging, replace the bearings because there has been a lubrication failure. The bearings have overheated and are ruined. Likewise, if you have the axle out for some reason, replace the bearings and the axle too.