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How To Make The Robot Ball Bearing Swivels Selection

Release time : 2015-06-11 07:50:14
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>How to make the robot ball bearing swivels selection? ?2004-2012 The ball bearing swivels almost covering the various manufacturing industries: metallurgy. Machine tools. Power generation. Oil. Rubber. Plastic. Textile. Dyeing. Pharmaceuticals. Cigarettes. Paper. Food. Feed processing, the robot body is essential. Swivel joint: (1). Telescopic ball bearing swivel joints used for tube bending requirements The Series is made of stainless steel, used in high-pressure, high-temperature and rust remover (2). Oj600 ball bearing swivel joint is balanced by the pressure type joints. Even in the high-pressure setting, the joint also allows a small torque, the sealing performance lasting. (3). Kj500 ball bearing swivel joint is a flange type joint, supported by pairs of steel balls. As a flange ball bearing type joint, regardless of the bolt in the direction connection are safe (4) kj400 series rotary joint application extensively characterized by the support of the pairs of steel balls. Ring sealing particularly packaging. Even in the high-pressure setting, and also allows the use of small torque (5). Kj300 swivel joint comprises an o-ring seal, supported by the two steel balls and high pressure compensation. The item is recommended for precision manufacturing, to ensure its durability (6) KJ200 rotary joint seal ring includes an automatic compensation axis inclined at an angle, allowing the alternating hot and cold water particularly recommended the rotary joint for a tire mold pressing (7) The characteristics of the kj100 swivel joint the mechanical seal of the bellows, without lubrication, allowing alternating hot and cold water Rotary joint: (1) .6000 series of the Ball Miniature Bearings rotary joint is widely used in variety of settings, from low to high speed, from low to high pressure and the use of special seals, the rotary connectors are widely used for various industrial (2) .5000 Series rotary joint South Korea for the first time the development and manufacturing of hydraulic rotary joint. Sophisticated combination of the joints with the axis, the body and the rotating device. Use the the labyrinth ring-sealed, a breakthrough way past the seal even at high pressure set, the rotation resistance is small, durable long time .5000 Series rotary joint is widely used throughout the pump company in Korea, its superior performance constantly refresh the record (3) .4000 Series rotary joint including two sealing rings, the structure is very solid, no lubrication, low rotational resistance and easy maintenance. Applies to the heat and pressure settings due to internal rotation of the rotary joint, but when installed, must be placed on the support tube / rod (4) .3700/3200/3000/1000 series rotary joint using two Stainless Steel Bearings is a self-supporting, the use of alloy steel, corrosion resistance, and applies heat and pressure settings. Particular, its length and the reduction in weight, thus reducing the load on the enhanced durability.