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How To Judge The Quality Of Bearings

Release time : 2015-06-10 06:52:41
Bearing is one of the most frequently used components in mechanical equipments. Even though it is with small sizes, its functions should never be neglected. We could say that bearing is the important basic component of various machinery equipments, its precision, performance, life span, reliability determining those of mainframes decisively.
The machinery equipment running status is relative to the quality of bearings. Good quality bearings could play its full role in equipments transmitting smoothly, improving work efficiency, greatly reducing the friction between parts, and increasing the service life of equipments. Conversely, bad bearings play very small role. Sometimes even hamper the equipments transmission and lead to unnecessary troubles.
Nowadays, along with the increasingly strict requirements for high quality products, we should guarantee the quality at all levels of various equipments and instruments. This really greatly influenced the development of bearing industry. Products upgrading and technical innovation are of utmost urgency.
General public don't know much about bearing because it is one of the fast moving consumer goods. In order to help people know about bearings correctly, we consult staff of Chinese bearing of automobile network about the structure, sizes, and performance of bearings.
1.Different kinds of bearings have different characteristics.
When choosing bearing type, we should take applications into consideration usually and then we could make appropriate judgments. Normally, choose thrust bearings and angular contact bearings in supporting thrust loads, use ball bearings in high speed applications and select roller bearings in supporting heavy radial loads. In a word, the purchasing staff should choose suitable types from different manufactures and products.
2.The rigidity of bearings is also one of the important indexes that shouldn't be ignored.
The rigidity of bearings means that the power for bearings to produce unit deformation. Rolling bearings have short elastic deformation, so could be unconsidered in many types of equipment. But in some types of equipments such as machine tool principal axis, it is an important factor. The cylindrical and tapered roller bearings should be chosen usually. Because the two types of bearings have lower rigidity in supporting loads with rolling element and rollaway nest belonging to point contact.
  3.Make sure sizes of axis first, and then choose rolling bearings according to axis sizes usually in machine design.
We choose ball bearings for small shaft and roller bearings for large shaft normally. However, needle roller bearings, extra-light and ultra-light series of ball or roller bearings should be selected to increase flexibility of bearings when bearings are restricted in diametric direction of machines. Narrow or extra narrow series of ball and roller bearings could be chosen when bearings are restricted in machine's axial location.
Moreover, we should consider whether it is convenient for the installation and removal of bearings when choosing bearing types. Choosing bearings that are easy to install and remove is very important especially for large and oversize bearings. Normally, it is convenient to install and remove the angular contact ball bearing that its outer ring could be separated, tapered roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing and needle roller bearing because their inner race could be set on the shaft and in the housing bore. Additionally, spherical roller bearing and double row cylindrical roller bearing and spherical ball bearing with inner diameter tapered bore are also convenient to install and remove. We should make decision according to the actual circumstances when choosing specific bearings.
Finally, we should take load factor into account, which is the principle data that is needed to pay attention to when choosing bearings. The roller bearings are used in supporting heavy load while ball bearings are used in bearing light or medium load. Bearings of carburizing steel or with Bainite quenching could support vibratory shock load. For safety and durability in industrial manufacturing, be fully acquainted with bearings features and select correct bearings is the most essential key step.
For production safety, we should take the factors above into overall consideration, purchase bearing products of good quality from regular channels. Never reduce the cost on purpose and hanker after cheap prices or you'll lose more and regret it later.