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How To Diagnose Alternator Bearing Failure

Release time : 2015-06-10 11:51:22
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>How to diagnose alternator bearing failure? ?2004-2012 Alternator bearing is one of the most important auto parts, it can say is throughout the entire wheel operation. Failure of alternator bearing can cause a lot of problems, mild inconvenience is to produce noise, serious can cause traffic accidents.If you suspect alternator bearing failure you should try to diagnose the problem immediately ,in order to perform the needed repairs. Diagnose alternator bearing failure step 1: Start your engine and make sure the alternator light on the dashboard lights up briefly before going dim. The light will not come on if the alternator is faulty. Diagnose alternator bearing failure step 2: Turn on your air conditioning to determine whether the power overloads the alternator . If your engine stills runs with the air conditioning on, turn on your headlights. Diagnose alternator bearing failure step 3: Drive your vehicle and monitor the performance of its engine while driving at regular or highway speeds. Frequent slips of the drive belt or full-out cuts in power can indicate a failing alternator Miniature Bearings. Diagnose alternator bearing failure step 4: Listen for grinding or crushing noises in your engine while it is running. This can be from the alternator. Spin the alternator high temperature bearing by hand and listen for the noise again. Diagnose alternator bearing failure step 5: Turn off the engine and any other features such as the radio and heat. Connect the red wire of the voltmeter to the positive terminal on your battery and attach the black to the negative terminal. Make sure the display is set to read in DC. Diagnose alternator ball bearing failure step 6: Start your car up and press the gas to rev the engine. Read the display on the meter. Any reading lower than 12 volts means your alternator is failing. Diagnose alternator bearing failure regularly would help you reduce the maintenance cost,also secure your safety.It's easy to you that,so from now on ,just do it.