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How To Correctly Clean Bearings How To Choose Cleaner

Release time : 2015-06-10 12:07:20
By Bearing Manufacturer>Bearing News>How to correctly clean bearings? How to choose cleaner? ?2004-2012 In the process of using bearing, regular clean bearings is very important whether Needle Roller Bearings or Full Ceramic Bearings. So how to correctly clean bearings? How to choose cleaner? Let me introduce clean skateboard bearings. How to correctly cleaning bearing? First, we must keep bearing photos as record before we are going to take apart. Next, make sure the amount of residual lubricant, and then began to clean skateboard bearings. About bearing lubrication, please see"The importance of Ball Miniature Bearings lubrication "and" The disadvantages of Deep Groove Ball Bearings to use too much grease "the two article introduced. Bearing cleaning points coarse wash and fine purification, and can be used in the bottom of the container put on metal rack. Coarse wash, in oil with brush and remove grease or adhesive content. If at this time in oil rotational bearing, the attention because of a foreign damage bearing. Fine purification, slowly rotating in oil bearing, must be carefully. Commonly used cleaner for neutral dry diesel oil or kerosene, according to the need sometimes use warm lye, etc. No matter use which kinds of cleaner, want to often filter kept clean. We should immediately coating anticorrosive oil or antirust grease after clean skateboard bearings. How to choose cleaner? In addition to the commonly used some cleaning tool beyond, cleaner is the most important. Due to the kerosene cleaner product price high, so a lot of Full Ceramic Bearings factories and Ball Miniature Bearings factory choose water-based cleaner. However, due to current water-based cleaner products on the market, quality difference is very big, so to some users bring many economic losses, but also in some extent added user doubts. In fact, bearing manufacturer worry is understandable. Because the key is the problem of rust and crystallization. Relative to the crystallization is concerned, water-based cleaner rust problem is very important. We usually let customer test 4 kg small kind, let the user, in the normal temperature with tap water to do first try. If small kind test success, can batch in parts use between process. If the sample test failure, then test the user's water, mainly to see anion content whether to exceed bid, and then according to the user's water, increase or decrease of related products matching, for field application system, know to achieve the effect of customer satisfaction. Generally speaking, water-based cleaner process between antirust effect, in does not add any rust water (oil) conditions, should at least ensure that more than three days. Only in the user's water quality is not able to use, can use deionized water. So, that kind of have to allow the user to use deionized water of water-based cleaner manufacturer is irresponsible, at least in the bearing parts cleaning process need not only emphasize the user's water quality situation. From our analysis of the situation, in addition to some use groundwater users find some water quality problem, the majority of users are can use of tap water. Above is all the information about clean skateboard bearings, hoping to be helpful to you.